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I Like This Grape celebrates and elevates wine culture by pairing it with fashion, film, food and music through unique and insightful digital content. We publish bite-size posts and videos rich in storytelling and imagery that intertwine those worlds. Like great art, music, or movies, wine is both accessible and mysterious. It stimulates conversation, passion and debate, and it’s long been part of many meaningful social experiences and rituals. We bring wine and the arts to life with correspondents on America’s east and west coasts and in Europe and Africa: an irresistible and diverse army of award-winning talent with expertise in many areas.

Why we exist: As cultures intermingle and new populations discover wine, they crave understanding and transparency. They look for a voice that will explain wine clearly, with an emphasis on the human element, and connect it meaningfully to the culture as a whole.

I Like This Grape is poised to make those connections. Wine has been an intergral part of life’s joyful aesthetic pleasures for thousands of years. We want to restore it to its rightful place while respecting its long and storied history

Our Vision: To make wine accessible while celebrating the synergy that results when it’s enjoyed with the other arts.